Waiting for Christmas

“When can we have Christmas, Daddy?” Wynnie asked. “Can we have it tomorrow? I want to see what’s under the tree for me.”

“Well, we could. But most families wait for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Some families have to celebrate early in order to be all together.  You know that Christmas only comes once a year. Like your birthday, it only comes once a year. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birthday. We celebrate Christmas when we give gifts to each other. And we decorate the Christmas tree and maybe the whole house – with lights, snowflakes, and tinsel. Then we wrap the gifts and put them under the tree, And then we wait for Christmas.” Daddy paused.

Wynnie was already tucked into bed.  ‘More,” she asked, “more story.” Daddy paused because he was thinking back, a long way back, when he was a little boy, waiting for Christmas.

“Can you wait for Christmas, Wynnie?” Daddy asked.

“Sort of,” she whispered.

“Sort of?  You mean its kind of hard to wait, right? he offered.

“Yes,” Wynnie confided.

“Can I tell you my story? Once when I was a little boy,  I couldn’t wait for Christmas. I begged my mother to let me have my gift early. Back then, we only got one gift. Eventually, my mother gave in, and three days before Christmas, I got my gift. I tore off the wrapping and in my hands, I held a miniature red Massey-Harris tractor. I loved my tractor and started to play farmer right away.

Three days later, Christmas arrived. My whole family gathered around the Christmas tree and everyone was given a gift – except me. I cried. My mother explained that I had already been given my gift, but it didn’t seem to matter. I felt left out of all the excitement and fun. After that, I determined to wait for Christmas. I would never spoil another Christmas again.”

“I can wait, Daddy,” Wynnie offered. “I  won’t spoil Christmas.

“Wise choice,” responded Daddy. “The important things in life are worth waiting for.”

“Good night, darling.”

“Good night, Daddy”







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