Beyond Human Comprehension
.5 billion sperm released per ejaculation, yet only one is needed for fertilization
.9 billion species in the world are catalogued
7  billion people living today, each with unique DNA

46 billion light years is the size of the known universe
93 billion light years is the diameter of the known universe

100 billion galaxies discovered to date
100 billion cells in the human brain
200 billion galaxies likely in the universe

1,000 billion estimated species in the world, 99.9% yet to be catalogued

3,720 billion cells in the human body that work in perfect harmony

Still a Mystery
118 elements, in unique chemical combinations, make up 15% of all ordinary matter in the universe.
Dark matter makes up 85%, the composition of which is unknown

A Bigger Mystery – What Counts Most is You
Only one God created all of the billions of everything, – and all the dark matter.
Only one God created you and knows you
Only one God loves you unconditionally
Only one God sent Jesus to save you
Only one you has ever lived
Only one you can embrace Jesus, who longs to be your Saviour
Only one you can respond to God’s invitation to a loving, lasting relationship
Only one God. Only one you.

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