Ode to Beethoven

Really happy to have met you today, Beethoven.

Not sure you realize it, Beethoven, but you and I have a lot in common.

For example:

We both know a soft spot when we see one

We are loyal to family and friends

We can be trusted

We mind our manners

We love our beds

We especially love being near the wood stove

We are content with life’s simple pleasures

But at the same time:

We love new experiences

We are ready to go out on a moment’s notice. And every day has new and exciting possibilities.

What people don’t know about us, you and me, while we can’t use words, we still love to communicate – as long as we’re given us a chance. After all, non-verbal body language is said to be 93% of effective communication!

And, finally, the one most people overlook, we have ‘big ears and big eyes’. So we understand everything that is going on, and more importantly, we know how to keep a secret. Right!
Looking forward to having you around. For now, you are welcome – anytime.



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