Search for Identity

My life story is not tattooed on my body, neither do I have followers on social media. These trends came too late to take root in my life.

On my bedside table resides my physical identity – iPhone with tons of family photos, contact list of friends and people important in my life, and a myriad of stored documents; my car key fob; my wallet with photo id – drivers licence, birth certificate, social insurance card, health card, assortment of credit cards, and a few spendable dollars.

I rarely leave home these days so these personal essentials remain in place, undisturbed. And the iPhone – its role is greatly diminished since I lost my ability to speak a year ago. The declining physical abilities with bulbar onset ALS continue without remission.

Ask me my name and I can’t tell you. Neither can I sign my name – that ability was lost six months ago. My daily email inbox is reduced to a trickle, and our landline rarely rings.

In the end, is my identity comprised of a death certificate, my last will and testament and perhaps a cemetery marker? Or is it continued in the genes of my kids, or simply in the memories of the lives I’ve touched? Our society offers no definitive answer on what happens next, nor is discussion encouraged. Sadly, society says ‘live your life to the fullest’, believing anything is possible. The elephant in the room looms large, so even the expression of an opinion in most settings is deemed out of order.

Enter YAHWEH. He knows my name. He saw me in the womb. He loves me without condition. He speaks words of affirmation. He wrote a book that explains everything. He fills the void in my heart. He knows my future. I rest secure, in peace and in His care.

Only one thing is needed – YOU! Open the door of your heart and embrace YAHWEH. Establish your identity – and live forever – with YAHWEH. Believe this? I do.

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