What is the Church?

Based on the teachings of Jesus recorded in the Bible, Jesus is the founder of the Church. He states that everyone who encounters, declares and believes in Jesus as the promised, prophetic, saving Messiah, the Son of God, joins His Church, the very body of Christ, the Bride of Christ. This is the Church.

As promised by Jesus to His Church, His Body, every believer is empowered by His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, beginning on the Day of Pentecost and continuing until Jesus comes for His Bride, His Church.

Have we erred as believers in taking the word ‘Church’ and adding our own descriptor such as ‘Baptist Church’ or how about ‘Bethel Baptist Church’? Are we confusing our world by linking the building or denomination with the word church. I prefer using ‘assembly’, ‘fellowship’ or ‘community’ instead of ‘church’ as the name of a local gathering of believers. Why? There is only one church, His Church to which all believers belong. Jesus prayed for the unity of all believers. Would our collective witness be stronger with demonstrated unity? I believe the time has come to simply gather as believers and relish in His Presence.

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