How Does It End?

The classic novel is said to have an introduction or setting, followed by the body or main, then the climax and lastly, the dénouément.

In the dénouément or in the end, the author takes seemingly incidental strands of the story and weaves a deeper revelation that answers all of the readers questions. The climax is not the end. The dénouément not only ties up the loose ends, but makes room for more. The reader is wanting more, more of the good stuff. Thus, a sequel sometimes follows.

If life is viewed as a story, death is the climax, not the end. The denouement when all things will be revealed, follows. For the believer, the climax is the moment when we pass from death to life, opposite to secular thought. What follows will tie together all of the loose ends and fully reveal the hand of God in the story, your life story or my life story. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy. All things work together for good, for those who love Him.

I remember taking a 7-day downriver canoe trip from Smooth Rock Falls to Moosonee in northern Ontario. Due to a last minute change in departure points, our topographical map did not cover the first half of the journey. Apart from some unexpected rapids, we carried on, downstream, confident with every stroke of the paddle, knowing that water runs downhill. When the river current disappeared, we found ourselves on a big lake with forest hugging the shoreline and no observable outlet. What now? Where did we go wrong? Was this the end? ‘Pray’ was the watchword! And paddle on! 

Unexpectedly. after a half day of following the shoreline, a narrow channel opened, with a strong current below and a sheer granite rockface above. Beyond lay a huge headpond feeding a hydro generating station and a new adventure beyond. The end would prove to be the beginning of the next stage of the journey to follow. So it is for the believer in Jesus who said, ‘I am going to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you will be also.  Every believer is in the story and the sequel,

There no end in God’s kingdom. I give to you eternal life, to everyone who believe.

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